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May 31, 2017  The chicken breasts for the event were good, very juicy, but I thought the meat was a tad rubbery coming off the grill but it wasnt really noticeable. I froze the leftover raw, brined chicken and thawed it and used it over last weekend. The meat off the grill this time was like biting into rubber.Welcome to Reddit, Sometimes, probably about 3050 of the time we make boneless, skinless chicken breast, it has the texture of a sponge. It's chewy, soggy, and all together not very appetizing. When cooked in the exact same way, some pieces could be spongy, some not. This happens with multiple types of chicken spongy texture

How do I cook a chicken to make it really really really soft? Ask Question 19. 7. I ate a dinner one time, and this guy cooked the chicken so soft it almost melted in my mouth. Now I want to know how to make that kind of chicken. and as a result now strongly prefer organic chicken breast for texture and tenderness. Picking the right

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Chicken breast texture. Very, very low risk of getting sick from eating chicken (or any other meat) cooked at 140F 60C if it has been held at that temperature for at least 12. 1 minutes. That achieves at least a 6. 5 log reduction in salmonella (and more for every other bacteria that's easier to kill than salmonella).

Mar 01, 2017 Heat the olive oil in a large, nonstick saut pan over mediumhigh heat. Add the chicken paillards and saut them on the first side for 23 minutes or until browned. Flip the chicken over and cook on the other side for 34 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.

Photo Gallery: Slimy, spongy, chewy: With Moroccan chicken couscous, it's all about the texture In some cultures, savory and sweet are cooked together for an interesting contrast, I explained.

Jun 08, 2011 Chicken breast is the least flavorful of the bird. Low calorie, yes, but low flavor and texture too. The texture of chicken breast is typically rubbery especially when it is overcooked. The lemon juice was hopefully only added as a seasoning and not a marinade.

It's hard to explain about the texture, but it reminded both of us of the textureappearance of a raw chicken breast. Weirdly smooth I guess? The bottom half of the breast seemed like normal cooked chicken, and the top half was chewy andweirdly smooth.

Help Odd chicken texture. The only constant is that my chicken is often on the cold side and I tend to cook (particularly on weeknights) with high heat. So stir fry in a very hot wok or griddle and roast in a pretty hot oven (425 or so).

'Consumers have told us it is spongy and rubbery and does not taste like normal chicken. ' He advised consumers to ask restaurants whether they were serving chicken with added water.

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Woody breast could bite the chicken business. While it's not harmful to humans, the condition causes chicken breasts to be tougher because of hard or woody fibers that lace the meat.

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